Policy Position Papers


Action Plan - Building Trade Union Power (BTUP)

Position Paper - For a Brexit that protects jobs, rights and a social Europe for All - Timetable

Position Paper - Call for a new approach to trade deals

Position Paper - Campaign for effective and efficient TDIs ...

Declaration - Globalisation gone wrong

Declaration - Stop the attack on Turkey’s Right to Strike!

Declaration - Terrorism Will Not Succeed

Declaration - USA withdrawal from the Paris Climate

Declaration on A Global Deal - Flyer

Declaration on A Global Deal: Enhanced Social Dialogue for...

Resolution - ETUC Pay Rise Campaign: Priority for industriAll Europe

Declaration - Shaping the Future of Youth

Declaration - Vision of young industrial workers in a digital world


Brexit - Vote for a better Europe  EN DE FR

Refugee Crisis - Call for a credible refugee strategy  EN DE FR

Sectoral Social Dialogue - Strengthen the importance of SSD  EN DE FR

Equal Pay for Equal Work  EN DE FR

Steel - Our Future Rests on European Steel  EN DE FR


Offshore Oil Workers  EN DE FR

EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement  EN DE FR

Southern GTR Industrial Dispute  EN DE FR


Anticipating and dealing with change in companies DE EN FR

Transnational Company Restructuring DE EN FR


CO2 emissions standards for cars and road transport DE EN FR

National Competitiveness Boards DE EN FR

Digitalisation for equality, participation and cooperation in industry DE EN FR

Innovation by all and for all - Shaping a sustainable future for manufacturing DE EN FR


Negotiating Future/ Crisis Strategies DE EN FR

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) DE EN FR

Framework for Energy and Climate Change  DE EN FR

Manifesto - Put the Industry back to Work CZ DE EN ES FI FR HU PL


European Governance - For Social Responsibility and Democratic Governance DE EN FR

Situation and Development of the European Defence and Security Sector DE EN FR

Solidarity Pact DE EN FR

Nanotechnology and nanomaterials DE EN FR

Position on the general report of the European Commission on REACH DE EN FR

What future for ETS and Climate Policy in times of crisis DE EN FR

Twelve demands DE EN FR


Trade Union Position on the situation of European Land Armament sector DE EN FR

Common demand for Collective Bargaining, for more Secure Employment, Against Precarious Work DE EN FR

Wage Coordination Rule DE EN FR

Political Resolution adopted by the Founding Congress of industriAll European Trade Union DE EN FR (16/5)