Building Trade Union Power

Strong European industrial workers’ union is dependent on strong and democratic national trade unions. IndustriAll Europe needs to build trade union power from the grassroots. The organisation, recruitment and retention of members must be a top priority for the national affiliates. As trade union rights have come under unprecedented attack from employers and governments as a result of the crisis and austerity policies, trade unions need to act to regain collective power.

IndustriAll Europe support its affiliates in their strategy to build up strong organisations, reclaiming lost grounds (women, youth, white collars, migrants) and organising new groups of workers as well as developing capacity building, especially in countries and regions of Europe where trade unions are under-represented. Strengthening trade union power in Europe and beyond also means when required to coordinate European solidarity actions and seeking strategic alliances with other social and political movements to reinforce TU’s role in societies. IndustriAll Europe activities include promoting exchanges of best practices and devising strategies.