Collective Bargaining Documents


Resolution on refugees   DE    EN    FR

National Competitiveness Boards     DE    EN    FR

Proposals concerning the revision of the EU Working Time Directive    DE    EN    FR


Documents Collective Bargaining Conference (Vienna)    DE    EN    FR

  • Tendencies in collective bargaining
  • Collective bargaining strategies in the ongoing crisis
  • Youth employment and demographic developments
  • Securing decent work: increasing the coverage rate of collective agreements in Europe

Securing the future in Europa - Let's organise solidarity now!     DE    EN    FR


Proposal Solidarity Pact    DE    EN    FR

Collective Bargaining Resolution 2012-2016    DE    EN    FR


Concept of a Common Demand  DE  EN  FR

Common Demand for more secure employment and against precarious work     DE    EN    FR

Wage coordination rule     DE    EN    FR


First Common Demand DE  EN  FR