Health & Safety

IndustriAll European Trade Union advocates democratic, equitable and sustainable economic development that provides higher living standards, decent work and employment in healthy and safe workplaces, as well as social and retirement security for all workers, while protecting our natural environment.

IndustriAll European Trade Union states that... policy is needed... ...based on fair trade, high standards for workers, for health and the environment worldwide as well as on democracy and transparency.

IndustriAll Europe's action plan calls for: Safeguarding, improving and establishing health and safety in the workplace

  • Promoting a social policy which encourages health and safety initiatives in the workplace, in order to secure the well-being of workers and the right to retire, taking into account the arduousness of work throughout their career. IndustriAll Europe demands that the necessary investments in health and safety be made to ensure a work environment that will guarantee this right.
  • Using working time policies as one tool to improve the health and safety of workers at their workplaces, e.g. by ensuring that the individual increase of working time is stopped, working time is registered, re-regulated and compensated in terms of pay and/or time off in lieu.
  • Campaigning against arduous working conditions and atypical, stressful working hours and providing better prevention as well as compensation measures for workers with particularly heavy burdens.
  • Promoting ergonomic workplace design, especially with regard to the demographic development of the workforce.
  • Better risk management in order to prevent exposure to hazardous substances by legislation and agreements (e.g. NEPSI Agreement).
  • Fighting against discrimination, violence and all kinds of harassment at work.
  • Combatting stress and psychosocial risks at work.
  • Promoting a high level occupational health and safety policy, strategy and implementation by the EU in co-operation with the social partners.

image copied from ABVV - FGTB - ACCG publication