About us

IndustriAll European Trade Union represents 7 million working men and women across supply chains in manufacturing, mining and energy sectors across Europe. IndustriAll Europe aims to protect and advance the rights of these workers.

The federation of trade unions also aims to be a powerful player in the European policy arena vis-à-vis European companies, European industries, employers’ associations and EU institutions.

Trade unions affiliated  to the European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF), the European Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers’ Federation (EMCEF) and the European Trade Union Federation for Textiles, Clothing and Leather (ETUF:TCL) joined forces on 16 May 2012 to create the industriAll European Trade Union.

Contact us

Our headquarters are located in the heart of Brussels.

  industriAll European Trade Union
  Rue des Boiteux 9 - Kreupelenstraat 9
  B-1000 Brussels

  Tel: +32 2226 0050
  Email: info@industriAll-europe.eu

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The industriAll European Trade Union Secretariat has a permanent staff of ± 23. To contact any of the staff please consult the industriAll Europe staff phone, mail and duties online directory


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Airport: Take a train to the Bruxelles-Central (15-minute ride; average 4 trains per hour)
5-minute walk down Boulevard de l'imperatrice / Keizerinlaan; down Rue d'Assaut / Stormstraat; continue straight on Rue Montagne-aux-Herbes-Potagères /Warmoesberg; left on Rue des Boiteux / Kreupelenstraat - number 9

Train stations:

  • Bruxelles-Nord: Take the Metro to 'De Brouckère'
  • Bruxelles-Centrale: walk 5 minutes to 'Rue des Boiteux 9 - Kreupelenstraat 9'.
  • Bruxelles-Midi: Take the Metro to 'De Brouckère'

Metro: Stop 'De Brouckère'
3-minute walk up across Place de la Monnaie / Muntplein; cross & right on Rue du Fossé aux Loupes / Wolvengracht; left on Rue d'Argent / Zilverstraat; right on Rue des Boiteux / Kreupelenstraat - number 9

Car: IndustriAll Europe has only 3 parking spaces in the basement garage. Please, call well in advance should you need a parking space or use the public parking at Brouckère/ Monnaie.