In the framework to reinforce solidarity, social policy & collective bargaining for quality jobs; IndustriAll Europe setup in June 2016 a permanent youth working group tasked to discuss all subjects related to the specific situation of young workers in the metals, chemicals and textiles industries. This Youth network is composed of nominated youth representatives from affiliated trade unions.

IndustriAll Europe’s youth focuses its work on fighting against the staggeringly high levels of youth unemployment in Europe - which in some regions has reached up to 50% among young workers - and the rise in precarious working conditions, which have increased sharply in the aftermath of the global economic crisis. Measures and actions have to be taken against the unacceptable figures of youth unemployment and poor working and pay conditions for young people. European policies must focus even more on youth employment, particularly applies in respect of the ongoing unsatisfactory results with regard to the implementation of the EU Youth Guarantee.

To this end, the industriAll Europe Youth aim to integrate proposals and positions in the various policy committees and sectoral networks within industriAll European Trade Union to set out positions for policymakers, insisting that certain policy areas be shaped in a way that they ultimately improve, and do not harm, the prospects of young workers to find decent work and a lead a self-determined life.