Social Dialogues

Social dialogue is an integral part of the European social model and fundamental to trade unions. It has also helped steer our industries through the recent crises. The European level complements the national social dialogue and industrial relations and reinforces the sectoral level in bargaining.

European Sectoral Social Dialogue is a lever to influence European politics. It is a tool and a platform to promote industriAll European Trade Union policies vis-à-vis European industry and employers’ associations and the European institutions.

industriAll Europe acts as an agenda setter within sectoral social dialogue and promotes joint strategies for the sustainable development of our sectors. 11 out of the 42 officially recognised sectoral social dialogue committees (SSDC) have been established under the umbrella of industriAll Europe. There are strong links within our organisation between our industrial sector committees and the corresponding SSDCs.

SSDCs develop their own social dialogue work programmes and are active in monitoring industrial and employment developments, in consultation on relevant EU policies and formulating positions (e.g. industrial, trade, energy, mining, REACH, and environmental policies, etc.), and in undertaking joint initiatives in health & safety at work, training and life-long learning, and image of the sector, etc.

Cooperation with the European Commission, as well as with other actors at European level, such as the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) and European trade union federations (ETUFs), as well as trade union networks of experts, is also an essential part of our work with sectoral social dialogue.

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