Shipbuilding & Ship repair

The shipbuilding, maritime equipment and ship maintenance, repair & conversion (SMRC) industry in Europe employs more than half a million workers and has a total annual average turnover of around EUR91 bn., contributing to the economic development of maritime regions all over the EU.

The sector encompasses all the design, construction, maintenance and repair of all types of ships and other maritime structures, including the complete supply chain of systems, equipment and industrial services. On European level, industriAll Europe is engaged in a long-standing Social Dialogue with its counterpart SEA Europe.

The European maritime technology industry is a pioneer in the development of the most advanced technologies and vessels. Investment in RDI and a highly skilled workforce are essential for the success of the industry. The most advance technologies to reduce emissions from waterborne transport are being developed in Europe. Moreover, the industry contributes to the development of offshore renewable energies, providing the technologies and structures for their production, transmission and storage.

Over the last decade, the industry has experienced a meaningful evolution. European companies now have a strong focus on building the most innovative and advanced technologies and vessels of a high value that support high-quality and highly skilled employment.