Equal Opportunities

In the framework to reinforce solidarity, social policy & collective bargaining for quality jobs; IndustriAll Europe setup in June 2016 a permanent ‘Equal Opportunity Working Group’ to develop a position on all aspects of Equal Opportunities (including on the themes of age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation and religion) and make proposals on how to improve the situation for industrial workers on these issues. This Equal Opportunity working group is composed of nominated representatives from affiliated trade unions that aim to promote gender mainstreaming in all industriAll Europe policies and positions.

IndustriAll Europe’s Equal Opportunity group focuses its work on overcoming unequal treatment and pay for certain groups of workers (women, young people, migrants). It aims to improve working conditions for women and including more women in the labour market by strengthening the role of women in industry. The network also ensures a space to exchange on European wide practices on for instances:

  • Promoting family-friendly working time policies, enabling men and women to better reconcile professional and private life.
  • Safeguarding, improving and adapting social security systems and, in particular, pension systems to allow women to have a secure and decent life at all times.
  • Analysing the effect of technological change on traditionally female-dominated jobs and take measures to secure professional developments for women.

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