Ukraine Monitor

IndustriAll European Trade Union strongly condemns the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation and stands in full solidarity with the people of Ukraine, our brothers and sisters in the trade union movement and all working people caught up in the war. We are touched by the solidarity our member organisations have shown as they mobilise financial and material support, and are actively engaged in the broader humanitarian efforts across the continent. We call for dialogue and talks for peace. We call for an immediate stop to this brutal and unprovoked war!

The impact of the military agression against Ukraine and the necessary sanctions on Russia already go far beyond Ukraine. The economic links between Europe, Ukraine and Russia are deep and complex and as a result, European industries and their workers are impacted by the consequences of the conflict.

This monitor intends to keep a watch on economic and social impacts in our sectors, on initiatives of the trade union movement, intiatives in multinational companies and on social partner intiatives. It will be updated regularly with information gathered with the help of our affiliates.

IndustriAll Europe declarations

  • Trade Unions for peace: industriAll Europe statement on war in Ukraine DE EN FR (14 June 2022)
  • Statement on Ukraine DE EN FR (24 March 2022)

ETUC peace watch

Information on trade union actions and social dialogue outcomes aimed at solidarity actions for Ukraine; information on the treatment and inclusion in Europe of people fleeing the conflict; and impacts of the war and the sanctions on working people in the EU.


European Commission

Overview of actions coordinated by the Directorate General 'Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs'. Includes monitoring any adverse impacts felt by companies in EU countries resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as any policy action taken by EU countries to support those affected. The DG's Supply Chain Taskforce is collecting information from stakeholders (business associations) to understand the impact of the invasion and identify their needs.


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