Ukraine Monitor

economic and social impacts

Views/information on resilience or disruption of supply chains due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine and various sanctions

9 May 2022

Digital / IT

Sanctions against Russia include the export of

  • Quantum computing technology
  • Semiconductors
  • Advanced electronics
  • Sensitive machinery
  • Software
  • Drones and software for drones
  • Dual-use goods that can contribute to Russia’s defence and security capabilities

Supply shortages of certain types of raw materials are expected for the semiconductor industry.

Russia and Ukraine are important exporters of raw materials like aluminium, helium and neon.

Resilinc reports that Russia accounted for 40% of global palladium production in 2021. Russia and Ukraine supply 40 50% of the neon required for the semiconductor manufacturing globally.

Resilinc reports that the occupation of Crimea in 2014 already led to neon price increases of 600%.

Odessa-based Cryon, one of the main Ukrainian neon refineries, had to shut down production already in late February.


Industry reports a continued rise in production and expects the rise to continue throughout 2Q22.

Order books are filled and no major repercussions are seen as of May 2022.

Demand stagnates on a high level. Stocks for finished goods are filled on a low level.

Companies expect that the business situation will deteriorate in the mid-term. They also expect rising prices.