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Trade union initiatives in multinational companies re. support to Ukraine and refugees

With the support of the Company Policy Committee members and industriAll Europe coordinators in EWC/SE, the Secretariat have been collected initiatives taken by members in multinational companies to express support with Ukrainian workers and citizens in Ukraine.

Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, several European works councils (sometimes jointly with their Global works Council) issued statements which include concrete initiatives coordinated by the EWC itself, as well as calls for action by their management. As of 25 April, we have received information from compagnies such as:

industriAll Europe will continue to collect information about future initiatives.

The following points were raised in the EWC statements received at the industriAll Europe secretariat

Political statements

  • Condemnation of Putin’s war
  • Solidarity with people in Ukraine
  • Call for peace, negotiation and deescaliation
  • Call for Member States and theEU to provide humanitary support to people of Ukraine
  • Solidarity with workers in the neighbouring countries affected by the conflict
  • Solidarity with people in Russia who ends up in jail after demonstrating against the war

Organisation of concrete actions by the EWC

  • Fund raising among workers all over Europe, to support NGOs, with the support of management
  • Collection of supplies (spleeing bags, tents, hygiene items) sent over to Ukraine
  • Call for workers to open their home to Ukraine refugees
  • Setting up of a dedicated monitoring committee between the EWC select committee and the management

Call for action by the management

  • To stop production and export to the Russian federation
  • To protect workers of the company in Ukraine, by protecting their wage (despite production being stopped), health and safety
  • To protect workers from Ukraine posted in a neighbouring European country
  • To contribute to humanitarian and NGOs efforts

EWC have also requested information to their management:

  • On the situation of the company’s operations and workers located in Ukraine
  • On the consequences of the war on the remaining operations, in Europe (disruption of the supply chain, plant or office closures, energy provision…)

industriAll Europe and the other European Trade Union Federations have issued joint recommendations for EWC/SE coordinators and worker representatives in SNBs EWCs and SEsto:

  • Request their company to provide emergency measures for its workers directly impacted by the conflict in Ukraine, including maintaining wages, benefits, and social security contributions when work is suspended due to the war, or by turning plants/offices into shelters. The situation of workers from Ukraine posted in European countries, as well as workers taking time off to support their families in Ukraine, should also be addressed.

  • Call for management to contribute to humanitarian efforts by providing financial and material support to people in Ukraine, as well as displaced workers and their families. Some multinational companies have already announced significant donations to NGOs and local organisations in Ukraine.

  • Urgently request management information about the economic and social impact of the war on working conditions, jobs and sites in Ukraine, Russia and European countries. The SNB, EWC or SE-WC might call for an extraordinary meeting with management, depending on the extent of the likely impact. Regular reporting by management to the select committee might also be set up. Consultation shall apply where needed.