Strengthening the capacity of Trade Unions in South-East Europe to improve working conditions in the garment and footwear

With financial support of the EU

IIndustriAll Europe is deeply concerned about the situation and evolution regarding working conditions in the garment and footwear sector in South-East Europe. Working conditions are often very poor in complex structures of multinational enterprises. Therefore, we have designed an ambitious two-year project in order to map and analyse this sector and to develop strategies to improve the state of play. The project will support EU policies in several ways, in particular with regard to social dialogue, job quality, health and safety, living wages and equal opportunities. In a nutshell, we aim at bringing the reality of the trade unions in the South-East closer to the one of the EU.


6 regional workshops

  • Sofia, November 2018
  • Zagreb, December 2018
  • Bucharest, January 2019
  • Belgrade, February 2019
  • Skopje, March 2019
  • Tirana, March 2019

Final Conference

  • Sofia, November 2019

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