The Czech government is proposing what they call a consolidation package, including the introduction of a 0.6 percent workers’ contribution on sickness insurance, a limit to the tax discount for spouses with low incomes, abolition of the kindergarten tax, and withdrawal of the tax discount for payment of trade union membership fees.

Strongly opposing the measures, unions say that the pro-inflationary consolidation package will have a negative impact on workers and families. It is estimated that there will be a yearly increase in consumer prices of 3 to 3.5 percent, with an estimated overall inflation rate of six per cent.

In addition, the government is planning to discontinue payments for transmission and distribution of electricity, and end support for renewable energies, which would result in a significant increase in the price of electricity.

In a joint letter, IndustriAll Global Union and industriAll Europe are calling on the government of the Czech Republic to engage with the trade unions.

“The government must engage in social dialogue to tackle changes to taxation, bearing in mind the wellbeing of workers and their families.

“We rally behind you in your struggle, and we support your demonstration on 27 November, as well as your one-hour warning strike.”

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