Building a Just Transition towards a Smart and Sustainable Mobility


This project brought together vehicle manufacturing and transport service workers organised in the two European Trade Union Federations (industriAll Europe and ETF) for the first time to address the social consequences of the decarbonisation of transport and pathways towards a Just Transition for the workforce throughout the 'mobility' eco-system.

The European Commission published its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy on 9 December 2020. As far as the climate dimension is concerned, the transport sector is among the priorities of the EU Green Deal with the general objective to deliver a 90% reduction of transport greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Emissions related to transport are responsible for 27% of the total greenhouse gas emissions of the EU-27+UK and road transport represents more than 70% of transport emissions within the EU-27+UK. Transforming the European transport system so drastically in such a short period of time will have a massive impact on the European workforce.

Some sectors of the transport system will experience job losses while other parts will grow. The twin digital and green transitions will also trigger important changes in terms of qualification requirements and impact working conditions and the organisation of work in many ways.

All these elements require anticipation of change measures from social partners and capacity building for workers representatives.

This project allowed for analysis of the scale of the challenge, identification of good practices from within our sectors and membership, and joint strategy building around policy recommendations towards employers and governmental actors.

We particularly focused on four modes/sectors:

  1. Road transport services and commercial vehicles (trucks and vans) manufacturing
  2. Rail services and rail equipment manufacturing,
  3. Maritime services and shipbuilding and maritime equipment manufacturing
  4. Civil aviation services and aerospace manufacturing

Info on the project

We worked with Spin 360 after a competitive tendering process. The first steering committee took place on 11 October 2022 and the Launch Conference on 12-13 December 2022 (a hybrid event in Brussels and online).


  • Road
  • Rail
  • Maritime
  • Aerospace/Aviation