Violence and harrassment in the world of work, including on the way to and from work is a persisting phenomenon that particularly affects women. Many employers don't know that they have a responsibility to make sure staff get home safely.

The ILO Convention No. 190 eliminating violence an harassment in the world of work is clear: Commuting to and from work is part of the world of work.

Zero tolerance for violence and harrassment! All women workers must be SAFE ALL THE WAY!

ETUC demands that...
  • All EU Member States must ratify ILO Convention No. 190!
  • Emmployers must negotiate with trade unions to make sure travel from and to work is free from violence and harrassment. This is part of their health and safety responsibilities!
  • European institutions must include practical solutions to make workplaces safe from violence and harrassment in a new Directive!

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