IndustriAll European Trade Union’s Collective Bargaining Conference in Milan, Italy, strongly condemns Nexen’s refusal to sit at the bargaining table to negotiate an adequate collective bargaining agreement with the Czech metal workers’ union, OS KOVO.

It is particularly unacceptable that the company refuses to negotiate a wage increase, considering the rising inflation which drastically reduces the real wages of employees. 

After several months of unanswered attempts from the workers side, OS KOVO did not see any other way forward than staging an industrial action in order to put pressure on the management. 

On 31 January, information came out that the management of Nexen behaved in a totally unacceptable manner by bringing in strike-breakers to replace workers in strike. Furthermore, the management expelled striking trade unionists from the company and attempted to move their belongings from the production site. These are grave breaches of internationally recognised rights protected by EU and ILO Treaties. 

This is particularly outrageous, given that Nexen Tire has boasted record sales and has a sound reputation, while it ignores the fair demands of its workers.

The Collective Bargaining Conference strongly condemns the management’s blatant anti-trade-union attitude. We urge Nexen to shoulder its responsibility and sit at the bargaining table to reach a meaningful agreement both for the company and for its committed workers.

The industriAll Europe Collective Bargaining Conference motion