More than a year into the health, social and economic crisis brought about by Covid-19, the pandemic has become an existential crisis for humankind. The universal right of access to medical supplies, especially vaccines and potential medicines to treat Covid-19, should not depend on the purchasing power of governments and other market dynamics. We believe that there should not be first- and second-class citizens and no-one should be left behind.

After an unprecedented effort to develop, approve and roll out cures, medicines and vaccinations, several are available. The world has come closer to overcoming the pandemic. And the common global endeavour and public-private cooperation to find drugs and vaccines demonstrated the best internationalism.

It is crucial that we do not leave the path of cooperation, solidarity and justice.

No continent, no country, no economy, no person will be safe until the whole world is safe. Vaccine nationalism is a short-sighted response to this global problem. It will prolong the pandemic and the threat of new variants endangering us all. We stand for the right of universal access to vaccination.
The pharmaceutical industry will for the next decades be judged by its conduct during the pandemic. 2020 saw an improvement of the reputation and importance of this crucial sector, but image gains are easily lost.

IndustriAll Europe und IndustriALL Global Union appeal to the industry to show its best side:

  • Cooperate, even with competitors in order to increase production so that the vaccination process can speed up;
  • Provide full transparency about production volumes, price calculations, purchasing contracts, etc;
  • Put the public good and interests before profits, make medicines and vaccinations available for everyone;

We have full understanding for the pressure on countries to secure medical products and bring relief to people. Bearing this in mind, IndustriAll European Trade Union and IndustriALL Global Union appeal to politicians:

  • Populism will not defeat Covid-19;
  • We – our health, our economies and our jobs – will only recover if we recover globally;
  • Work rationally and in solidarity for the best possible outcome for all globally with the universal value of solidarity and equality.

Workers in the pharmaceutical industries around the globe, represented by IndustriAll European Trade Union and IndustriALL Global Union, are ready and eager to produce all the medication and vaccines needed and thus contribute to overcoming this crisis.

Contact: Andrea Husen-Bradley (press and communication), Maike Niggemann (policy adviser)