How to celebrate International Workers Day in times of Corona when lockdowns are keeping us off the streets and at a distance from each other? 

This is OUR day and one thing is certain, we will not be silenced! This year, we will celebrate 1st May on our phones and laptops rather than in the streets.

On this special May Day 2020, the European trade union movement is honouring the millions of workers that have risked their lives providing essential services in the COVID-19 crisis. Some have become its victims, including millions of workers who lost their jobs. We need a safe return to work for all workers who have lost their job, are temporarily off work, working from home, or are already unemployed. We need an ambitious European Recovery Plan to tackle unemployment and poverty, to raise wages and to improve working conditions.

May Day Solidarity from all of us at industriAll Europe!

A message from industriAll Europe's President, Michael Vassiliades