We demand job guarantees and a clear industrial and strategic plan aimed at securing the sustainable development of thyssenkrupp. Solutions must be found for each and every worker!

Thousands of thyssenkrupp workers and trade unionists demonstrated in Germany, Spain and Belgium to urge thyssenkrupp management to provide guarantees for jobs and industrial development plans at a time of unprecedented turmoil. 

Trade unions representing thyssenkrupp workers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Belgium met again a month ago to pursue their European coordination, led by industriAll Europe. On this occasion, they shared concerns which are skyrocketing amongst thyssenkrupp workers after the failure of proposed strategic plans aimed at getting thyssenkrupp, one of the European industry giants, back on its feet. A large restructuring plan has lately been announced which will include even more than the 6,000 job cuts initially planned, as well as the sale of elevator business shares on the stock market.

The precarious situation at thyssenkrupp has generated a huge shock wave all over Europe with workers mobilizing massively. In Germany, 6,000 workers rallied on 3 December in Duisburg at the thyssenkrupp’s steel headquarters while a second demonstration gathering another 2,500 workers took place on 4 December at the thyssenkrupp group headquarters in Essen. In Spain, from Madrid to the Asturias, workers and trade unions expressed their concerns at rallies and assemblies. In Belgium, workers went on strike, while a delegation joined the demonstrators in Essen.
Everywhere, thyssenkrupp workers and trade unions voice the same demand: concrete answers must be provided without further delay to each and every worker in every country thyssenkrupp operates!

“We will not let workers pay the price of an ill-thought strategy. European trade unions demand guarantees for jobs and a clear industrial and strategic plan aimed at securing the sustainable development of thyssenkrupp. This is clear for us: appropriate solutions must be offered to each and every thyssenkrupp worker”, stated Luc Triangle, industriAll Europe General Secretary.

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