The rail supply sector is a stronghold of European industry

The Resolution contains many specific and important recommendations, which collectively cover virtually every field within industrial policy: research and
innovation, digitalisation, skills, public procurement, international trade, development of new markets, access to foreign markets, strengthening supply chains through the creation of clusters and the need for innovative public-private partnerships. It will increase the visibility of the sector and contribute to the political awareness of its challenges and opportunities.

In the view of industriAll Europe, this Resolution  comes at the right time as competition from Asia is mounting. The creation of the world's largest train manufacturer in China will present  a challenge for European companies. It is of utmost importance to industriAll Europe that unfair competition be brought to an end and that a global level-playing field be created, particularly with reference to Japan (closed internal market), China (state subsidies) and the US ("Buy American Act"). Maintaining global leadership in this sector is also important in terms of preserving manufacturing capabilities inside Europe. IndustriAll Europe therefore welcomes the suggestion contained within the Resolution to organise a high-level industrial dialogue on the rail supply industry.

"The rail supply sector is a stronghold of European industry which we need to preserve at all costs. We therefore very much appreciate the well-timed initiative taken by Martina Werner and will now actively engage with the competent Commissioners and institutions in order to turn the many sound proposals contained within this Resolution into a concrete action plan for the sector", declared Luc Triangle, General Secretary of industriAll Europe.