Two-hour long workers’ assemblies are held in each workplace to discuss with workers urgently needed policies for a sustainable future of industry.

Core demands include the need to end industrial and employment crises, to revive economic and social growth, to restart investments, to increase wages, to respect fundamental workers’ rights, to involve workers in decision making over the creation of new jobs, to share the results of productivity increases stemming from new technologies, to reform social safety nets and to push for improvements in health protection and safety at work.

The strike comes at a time of great uncertainty about the future of the metal industry in Italy, given decreasing industrial production, loss of the value of work, and increasing numbers of accidents and deaths at work.

The mobilization begins with a two-hour strike on Thursday, October 31 and will continue with a national assembly of metalworkers scheduled for Wednesday, 20 November in Rome.

Please read the solidarity letter of industriAll European Trade Union and inustriALL Global Union.
For further information contact Andrea Husen-Bradley