The agreement, signed on 15 October 2019, represents the first such agreement concluded in the region and the local industrial sector. This type of agreement is particularly important for women given that acts of harassment at the workplace are often directed at female workers.

The agreement commits the Parties to cooperate in maintaining a working environment that respects the dignity of each person and to foster relations based on the principles of equality and fairness. In addition, it establishes a Guarantee Commission, consisting of a company representative and a worker representative who will ensure a fair assessment of acts linked to harassment that could then lead, if proven, to sanctions imposed by the company.

The agreement draws on the provisions of the European Framework Agreement on Harassment and Violence at Work adopted by the European Social Partners in 2007 and the Confederal Agreement CGIL CISL UIL - CONFINDUSTRIA of 2016 and the Agreement CGIL CISL UIL - Sicindustria of 2017 implementing this European Framework agreement.

For more information please contact adviser Patricia Pitronaci