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The European Works Council of SAFRAN, which met in Bordeaux on 21 June deplores once more the lack of loyalty and clarity of the branch with respect to this Committee regarding the sale of Morpho, a SAFRAN company of 8,000 employees.

While many press articles appear in recent months on the abandonment by the Group of the security activity by the sale of its company Morpho, and that concern grows among the European employees of the group who are affected, the branch of SAFRAN still didn't met and informed the staff representative bodies at both national and European level on this subject despite their incessant solicitations.

For the European trade unions of the SAFRAN Group, this approach is quite inconsistent with the speech from the Direction, who said they wanted to promote social dialogue with trade unions at European and global level. It is especially unacceptable because it generates among the staff stress and anxiety.

By promoting the strategy of not a fair communication, the branch tries that way to hide the inevitable consequences on European employment of such a transfer of activity. The European Works Council can’t tolerate this!

Faced to this situation, the EWC of SAFRAN will shoulder its responsibilities and use all means necessary, in order to make clarity on this issue and that the European body is informed and consulted as required by the European directive of 2009.

The members of the Bureau of the Safran EWC:
Arlette Puraye - CSC (Belgium)
Corinne Schievene - CFDT (France)
Keith Brenkley - Unite (UK)
Philippe Joubert - CFE-CGC (France)
Didier Lebarze - CGT (France)
Uwe Rath - IG Metall (Germany)

Press contacts:
The Secretary
Arlette Puraye
Mob. +32 471 192 0632

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