Around 8,000 workers marched through the streets of Brussels to demand a more social Europe and industriAll Europe had a strong presence thanks to the mobilisation of our members. 

The march, which began at the European Parliament and ended close to the European Commission, was designed to put pressure on politicians to stop fuelling populists with austerity policies and instead put workers and citizens first.

industriAll Europe General Secretary Luc Triangle told the demonstration: 

"What we see today is an unequal Europe where inequalities are becoming bigger. Profits of companies have never been higher, returns to shareholders have never been higher and at the same time we experience more uncertainly, more precariousness and more inequality. 

"Workers - and industrial workers in particular - don't see Europe today as an opportunity, but more as a threat. Companies and capital can move around in Europe and decide from one day to the other to relocate a plant. At the same time, workers are put into competition with each other and feel pressure of the single open market on their wages and working conditions.

"If Europe wants to regain the trust and support of millions of disappointed workers and citizens, then it has to put workers first. The economic and financial agenda of Europe has to be balanced with an ambitious social agenda.

"We support Europe, but Europe needs to change. Fighting against populism, extreme right parties and nationalism can only succeed if Europe put people and workers first. That's the Europe we defend and stand for. It's the only good way forward for Europe."

industriAll Europe’s manifesto for the EU elections specifically calls for:•

  • Jobs: Access for all to standard full-time open-ended contracts and a pay rise for workers across the EU to ensure they get a fair share of the wealth they’re generating. 

  • Social: Concrete and swift implementation of the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights as part of an end to austerity and the creation of a reliable social safety net. 

  • Democracy: That collective bargaining of wages and working conditions be enforced along with the right to information, consultation and participation in company decisions.

  • Manufacturing: A ‘Made in Europe’ industrial strategy that creates badly needed jobs and puts industry at the forefront of tackling societal challenges like climate change.

  •  Environment: A ‘Just Transition’ to a low-carbon economy which ensures that ambitious environment policies are matched by ambitious social policies.

You can read the full manifesto in English, French and German here: