Today we're focusing on the third of our five European election 2019 demands: democracy at work. 

Democracy and social justice do not stop at the factory gate nor at the office door. As part of the European social model we defend, workers must be involved in any decision which may affect the future of their company, their job, hence ultimately their life.  

To do so they have to be supported by strong trade unions which are crucial for sharing prosperity, guaranteeing good working conditions and defending labour rights. 

Democracy in the workplace is all the more needed at a time of massive transformation of our industries driven by ever-growing globalisation, digitalisation, greening and ageing of our societies. The jobs of thousands of Europeans are expected to change dramatically in the coming years. 

Therefore, industriAll Europe is demanding: 

  • That workers be in a position to anticipate as early as possible and shape the massive restructuring of our industries to ensure a sustainable and socially responsible transition.
  • That national and European workers’ rights to information, consultation and participation in company decisions as well as collective bargaining be properly enforced and reinforced.
  • To stop immediately all attacks on workers’ fundamental rights to information, consultation and participation carried out at European level and in several countries.
  • Clear minimum standards across Europe to guarantee that alternative solutions are actively sought to prevent redundancies and precarious jobs.

You can read our full manifesto in: English - French - German and support our manifesto by clicking here