The first of our European election demands is quality jobs for all.

We need quality jobs with good wages, job security, safe and healthy workplaces and a high level of social protection. Time has come to end the ‘bad job recovery’ with the increase of precarious work and in-work poverty. The current recovery offers a unique opportunity to replace the neoliberal mantra that ‘any job is better than no job’ with a European strategy for ‘more but better jobs’.

industriAll Europe demands:

  • A pay rise to allow workers across the EU to get their fair share in generated wealth and to support the economy.
  • To combat wage competition and the persistent wage gaps within the EU. Where necessary a minimum wage which corresponds to a living wage should be set up.
  • To strengthen Collective Bargaining Systems as the best way to tackle inequalities, guarantee good wages and working conditions for the benefit of the many not the few.
  • To ensure equal opportunities for all and tackling discrimination on labour markets.
  • To end in-work poverty and the exploitation of workers.
  • Tokeep older workers in the workplace.
  • To support a swift integration of migrants into the labour markets.
  • To regulate the gig economy and platform work. In particular, all workers must have access to good working conditions and a decent level of social protection irrespective of their employment contract.
  • To offer a job guarantee to all workers that lost their job.

You can read our full manifesto in: English - French - German and support our manifesto by clicking here.