Only a social Europe has a future. It's time to put workers first

With the European project under an unprecedented threat from the far-right and populist forces, we believe only a social Europe has a future. That’s why our manifesto sets out the policies which are urgently needed to win back the trust of workers across Europe.

It calls for the right to secure work for all, higher wages right across the continent, an end to austerity policies, a ‘made in Europe’ industrial strategy, workplace democracy and a just transition to a sustainable economy.

We believe this will ensure that citizens and workers see Europe as the solution to the major economic and societal challenges we face such as growing inequality, deregulated globalisation, climate action and decarbonization, and digitalisation. 

Click on the links to read the manifesto in full: English - French - German

The manifesto will formally be launched at an event in the European Parliament on April 2. More detaills will follow shortly.

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