IndustiAll Europe affiliates FNV Metaal and CNV Professionals, working alongisde Die Unie and VHP2, secured the victory in the third negotiating round with employers.

The agreement, which covers 1 June 2018 to 1 December 2020, will deliver:

  • Wages will be raised by 3.5% from 1 February 2019. In addition, there will be lump sum increases of €58 and €116. This pay rise will also apply to temporary workers.
  • A Generation pact will give older workers the opportunity to work less to remain in good health until retirement. This gives young people a chance to enter into employment.
  • Permanent employability of employees in the sector and training are an important subject.

Luc Triangle, General Secretary of IndustriAll Europe, congratulates the Dutch metal unions with their successful fight for decent conditions in which workers get their fair share of profits and productivity.

The agreement would not have been possible without the pressure put on employers by tens of thousands of dedicated workers who took part in strike action. Importantly, the interests of young workers were put at the heart of the deal, ensuring the industry becomes more attractive for them.

By sending a clear signal to the employers, unions have achieved a result with a strong focus on permanent employability and senior personnel. The agreement better reflects the favourable economic situation within the industry and the high expectations of the employees.

IndustriAll Europe will launch a campaign in 2019 aimed at strengthening collective bargaining. Collective agreements ensure that workers are rewarded fairly for their hard labour which contributes directly to the economic growth of their countries. For decades, workers have not been rewarded for the added value which they produced. This unfair redistribution is a consequence of the weakening of collective bargaining systems. We need to strengthen collective bargaining for a fair redistribution of income and wealth for all.