labour mobility, but in a fair way

The right to free movement of citizens and workers is a core European value and a fundamental right of European citizens. It is also an essential element
of success of the EU Single Market. However, labour mobility today is too often associated with social dumping, wage competition, possibilities to circumvent rules and regulations through false self-employment, letterbox companies and other fraudulent practices. It is unacceptable that in the interest of profit, unscrupulous companies exploit workers as cheap labour and deprive them of their labour and social rights. It is also inadmissible that this situation is putting under pressure the basic social and labour rights of domestic workers or is taking place at the expense of companies which abide by the rules.

We therefore urgently need a clear legal framework which constitutes a  step forward in the fight against social dumping and ensures that the principle of 'equal treatment for equal work in the same place' is put into practice. The revision of the Posting of Workers Directive must combine social protection and fair mobility in Europe.