Eradicating undeclared work is a priority in our fight against precarious work

Esther Lynch, ETUC Confederal Secretary, and trade union representative on the Platform, said "Workers in undeclared employment are being exploited and need protection and help to regularise their employment into decent jobs. Negotiation and cooperation between trade unions, employers and Government authorities is the key to fixing the problem of undeclared work."

Esther Lynch proposes that “the Platform should put bogus self-employment on the top of the agenda, and come up with concrete measures to stamp it out.” She explained “False self-employment is a way for bad employers to avoid making contributions to social insurance and protection, and shifting the burden of the risk to the worker.  It’s unfair on workers and decent employers.”

The European trade unions insists that the platform becomes operational as soon as possible and delivers concrete actions and tools.

“Eradicating undeclared work is a priority in our fight against precarious work” said Ulrich Eckelmann, industriAll Europe General Secretary. “It concerns all sectors and all Member States. Establishing a platform to tackle undeclared work goes into the right direction but it has to rapidly lead to concrete results.”