In DXC there have been major reorganisations affecting workers’ job security with thousands of employees made redundant globally as well as continuing attacks upon established and agreed terms and conditions.

Regrettably, these restructuring programmes have been undertaken without any transnational information and consultation with employee representatives.

As a result, trade union officers and representatives from all 3 companies across Europe met in Brussels on the 13th September 2017 to develop a trade union coordination strategy, with the aim of securing proper social dialogue at European level, in all three companies, including effective European Works Councils structures.

The representatives committed to a number of objectives:

1. Continue communication and cooperation between trade unions at European level;
2. Agree to hold the companies to account in respecting the transnational information and consultation rights provided for under the EWC directive by coordinated activity including, if necessary, legal action;
3. Agree to promote and defend the employees’ interests and well-being and expose any unethical and damaging aspects of the corporate strategy of each company.

The European Trade Union coordination meeting was a joint initiative by industriAll Europe and UNI Global ICTS Sector.

IndustriAll Europe contact: Chantal Caron Tel: +32 2 226 00 65

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