The Executive Committee of industriAll Europe adopted the following declaration:

We are all shocked and horrified by the brutal and vile attacks perpetrated in Manchester last week and in London this weekend.

Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who were murdered, those who were injured and those still looking to learn new of their loved ones.

Equally, as trade unionists we must pay tribute to the emergency services, the paramedics and NHS staff, the fire and rescue services, transport workers and their police for their bravery and professionalism who helped save lives, protect the public and deal with these vile acts of terrorism.

The people of London and Manchester showed courage and solidarity and remind us that we will never bow or be cowed by those who wish to destroy our way of life, divide our communities and attack our democratic structures.

Sadly these attacks have not happened in isolation. Too many people from London and Manchester, to Orlando and Nice; from Paris and Brussels to Kabul, Ankara, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and others have faced similar horrors.

Our message is clear:

Terrorrism will not succeed. It is our very multiculturalism that makes us strong and the trade union movement will never let our societies be divided, by those that commit these crimes and or by those that seek to exploit the aftermath for their own political ends. Industriall Europe also condemns those states and organisations around the world that have directly or indirectly supported the vile actions of so-called Islamic state.

These were cowardly acts that killed and maimed people going about their daily lives, spending time with their friends and families, young people going to a concert.

The men and women of the UK and the EU will stand side by side – for the values of solidarity, humanity and justice.