Workers at Galenika a.d., members of the trade union GS PPI Nezavisnost, ended their six-day strike after reaching an agreement on a wage increase with management.

Galenika, part of the Brazilian NC Group, is the largest pharmaceutical company in Serbia. It produces a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medicines, cosmetics, food supplements, and other products.

Around 250 workers took part in the strike, mainly those working in production and related services, who represent approximately 35% of the company's total workforce. Their demand for a 10-20% wage increase was achieved, with the highest increase going to the lowest-paid workers (15–20% increase), followed by the middle-paid workers (10–15% increase).

Those currently being paid the highest salaries; managers, pharmacists, and technologists, will receive a maximum 10% wage increase. Most of these workers are not union members.

As part of the agreement, workers who participated in the six days of strike action will be paid in full. The payment will be divided into two parts: the first half will be paid immediately, with the March salary, and the second half will be paid in the next period once production has caught up to its pre-strike level; also agreed by both management and the workers on strike.

Judith Kirton-Darling, General Secretary of industriAll Europe says We congratulate all the courageous workers for their efforts that paid off and resulted this win! Through their strike action, workers at Galenika a.d. have succeeded in getting the fair pay they deserve!

“We would like to thank all our affiliates who showed solidarity with the workers through their letters of support. Stronger Together! Together in Action for Higher Wages!”