Company Policy

Company restructuring processes, intensifying globalisation and short-term financially-driven strategies, fuelled by the financial crisis and the current economic system, are all contributing to step up pressure on workers employed in the European manufacturing industry. This is generating a deterioration of working conditions, more precarious work and insecurity for workers, and is undermining social and trade union rights. With multinational companies ignoring national boundaries and increasingly able to take advantage of an incoherent EU social and fiscal “acquis”, workers are set in competition against each other instead of benefiting from Europe-wide social standards. Effective networks are key to ensuring good communication. They are the basis for trade union action in multinationals.

  1. Use information, consultation and participation rights effectively to defend workers’ interests
  2. Redefine and reinforce transnational solidarity and trade union cooperation within multinational companies
  3. Anticipate and manage change and restructuring
  4. Promote negotiations within European companies with a trade union mandate
  5. Promote trade unions and trade union rights in companies and EWCs
  6. Promote socially responsible and sustainable corporate governance