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Finland: Progress in Collective Bargaining after Tough Fights with Employers

Unions in most manufacturing sectors signed agreements following a period of conflict and industrial action....

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Women Workers’ Campaign: French unions win sectoral agreement on equal opportunities

We end the Women Workers’ Campaign, that is part of our collective bargaining campaign ‘Together at Work’, with an example from France....

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ETUC Declaration on the COVID-19 Outbreak

Adopted at the ETUC Executive Committee on 9-10 March 2020...

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The new EU industrial strategy must be done for workers and with workers

IndustriAll Europe calls for a people-oriented industrial strategy that focuses in equal measures on employment, training policies and worker participation....

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Dear colleagues,

We end this week with feelings of great concern. 

We are concerned that the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a heavy toll on the health and lives of Europeans citizens, especially on the most vulnerable and we pay tribute to the dedication of healthcare workers. We are also concerned about a likely economic downturn and the negative impact for workers.

At present, we are taking all required steps to manage our activities in these circumstances and to protect our staff in line with the recommendations of the public health authorities. That means that all staff of industriAll Europe have been asked to work from home. They will only be reachable by email or mobile phone. We have also cancelled all meetings organised by industriAll Europe both in Brussels and abroad until 12 April 2020.

In the coming weeks we will carefully monitor developments, uphold all necessary protective measures and work with our affiliated organisations to put forward coordinated and decisive responses to protect the interests of industrial workers in Europe at this challenging time.

With this newsletter we are sending you news of our ongoing activities as we deem it important to continue normal life as much as possible. 

Looking after each other is what defines us as trade unions and this solidarity is now needed more than ever. 

In solidarity, Luc Triangle
Koning Albert II laan 5, 1210 Brussel
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