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Shipbuilding in Europe: trade unions demand investment and support to keep work in European shipyards!

To mark 15 years of European social dialogue in the shipbuilding and maritime technology sector, industriAll Europe and Sea Europe presented their joint demands...

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PRESS RELEASE: Trade union and worker representatives from all over Europe rally in Brussels to claim more democracy in the workplace

Freedom, democracy and social justice are core values of the European Union. As part of the European social model we defend, they do not stop at the factory gat...

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World Day for Decent Work 2018: Change the Rules – End Precarious Work!

The theme for this year’s World Day for Decent Work is ‘Change the Rules’. IndustriAll Europe has decided to shine a light on the growth of precarious work as a...

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Mid Term Report

Our Mid Term Report 2016 - 2018 was launched at the Mid Term Conference in Vienna this week 

You can read it in full in EN, FR and DE at the link below 


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