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Carbon Capture and Storage is key for the future of Heavy Industry in Europe

The voice of industrial workers heard at High Level Conference in Oslo --- On 5 October 2019 the Norwegian government organised, in presence of European Commiss...

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Solidarity with Tata UK steel workers: trade unions say NO to plant closures and involuntary redundancies

IndustriAll Europe stands with British workers in opposing the closure of Tata’s Cogent business in Newport and Wolverhampton Engineering Steel business....

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Also in the news:

End of June, EDF management introduced to the EWC its restructuring plan intended at splitting the group into separate entities: a “green” entity composed notably of renewable energies and energy distribution; and a “blue” entity composed of nuclear and hydro-power energy activities. The “green” entity would be opened up to private investors.

The EDF EWC expressed that this “Hercule” plan (as it is named) raised high levels of concern among EDF workers all over Europe.

French trade unions, in opposition to the restructuring plan, are calling on all EDF workers in France to go on strike on 19 September.

(More information to follow next week...)
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