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Briefing: EU trilogue over first ever emissions standards for trucks - cut carbon not jobs

The third and likely final trilogue meeting between the EU institutions to achieve a united position on emission standards for trucks is set to take place on Fe...

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Romanian workers build unions to fight poverty

IndustriAll Europe representatives have travelled to Bucharest to meet Romanian unions for talks over how to organise workers to fight back against economic and...

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IndustriAll protests to EU over human rights abuses in Belarus

IndustriAll Europe general secretary Luc Triangle has taken part in a trade union delegation to the EU to raise concerns over the worsening situation in democra...

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The past week has been dominated by our work on building trade union power in Romania to help workers there win better wages and conditions in the face of restrictive labour laws and increased deregulation.

Next week, we will be focused on winning a just transition to a low carbon economy by hosting an event with employers at the EU's Industry Days. You can read more about it here:

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